Worcester Township, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, USA      
Position Surname Given Name  Birthdate Deathdate Age Inscription Notes
11 "??" "??"         illegible
17 H C    d. 17 Aug 1745     Catherine (Wentz) Snyder Hacker; dau. of Peter, Sr. & Elizabeth (LeFevre) Wentz
15 W E   d. 23 Feb 1753     dau. Of Jacob & Elizabeth (Boyer) Wentz
19 W E L   d. 18 May 1744     Elizabeth LeFevre Wentz; wife of Peter, Sr.
20 W P   d. Nov 1749     Peter Wentz, Sr.; husband of Elizabeth (LeFevre) Wentz
8 Wentz Abraham, Sr.   d. 8 Jul 1774 49y ?m 5d   son of Peter, Sr. & Elizabeth (LeFevre) Wentz
4 Wentz Elizabeth   d. 13 Feb 1799 4y 4m 13d   dau. of John & Susannah (Dickensheed) Wentz
6 Wentz Jacob     6m   son of 
12 Wentz John Peter   d. 7 Dec 1752   HAPY IS HE WHO DIED IN THE LORD son of Peter, Jr. & Rosanna (Gmelin) Wentz
3 Wentz Margaret b. 3 Jan 1769   10m 3w In memory of dau. of John & Susannah (Dickensheed) Wentz
5 Wentz Mary     8y 8m ?d   dau. Of 
9 Wentz Mary   d. 14 Nov 1803 76y 5m 5d In memory of wife of Abraham Wentz
16 Wentz Mary   d. 25 Apr 1776 17m 2w 3d   dau. Of Jacob, Jr. & Barbara (Wentz) Alzense Wentz
13 Wentz Peter, Jr.   d. 13 Sep 1793   In memory of son of Peter, Sr. & Elizabeth (LeFevre) Wentz
14 Wentz Rosanna (Gmelin)   d. 22 May 1794 76y 1m 18d In memory of wife of Peter, Jr.
2 Zumbro Johannes         may have been caretaker; may have been on outside of wall at one time
1 Zumbro Maria Eva         may have been sister-in-law of Johannes; may have been outside wall
7             broken & engulfed by the roots of one of the two oak trees in the cemetery
10             missing; referred to in 1922 as "unknown"
18             blank
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