Cassel’s One Room Schoolhouse #7

 Potshop Road, Worcester, PA

On 11 July 1853 the Worcester school directors bought a half acre of ground from Benjamin & Catherine Cassel for a school property.  The price was $50.  The contract was given to Jacob Boorse for $375 to build a school house.  It was named after the Cassels family, from whom the land was purchased for that purpose, and a few families and descendants of Cassel’s lived in that district.

The following is an incomplete chronology of teachers, class lists, and events from the earliest records until the school was sold in 1915.  Class lists are often incomplete.  Teacher ‘Reports to the Board of Directors’ occurred monthly. Students who did or did not appear on one list may have appeared or disappeared on another.  Attendance, Progress, and Deportment were tracked.  Progress and Deportment were listed as Very Good, Good, Average, Middling, Poor,   Very Poor, and Indifferent.

1853-1954 Henry Cassel

1854-1855 Henry Cassel

1855-1856 Henry H Cassel

Class list: Isaac Cassel 11, Jonas Cassel 9½,Annie Cassel 51/2 Hannah Cassel 12, Leah Cassel 5 ½., Mahlon Cassel 14½, Christian Cassel 10, Margret Cassel 8½, Abraham Cassel 6½, Isaiah Cassel 13, Elisabeth Cassel 12, Cornelius Cassel 10, Abraham Cassel 8, Susanna Cassel 6, Benjamin Cassel 4 ½, Amanda Cassel 8½, Edward Cassel 7, Franklin Cucker 12½, Hannah Beyer 18, Isaac Beyer 15½, Sarah Beyer 10, Catharine Beyer 12½, Elizabeth Beyer 5 ½, Enos Beyer 19½, Lewis Beyer 7, Lydiann Beyer  5, Sarah Beyer 10,Nathaniel Beyer 15,  Emaline Boorse 16, Rachel Boorse 13, Elisabeth Boorse 9½, Susanna Boorse 5½, Augustus Bean 16, Jacob Bean 8½, Catharine Bean 4½, Epraim Frick 19, Susanna Frick 14, Sarah Ann Frick 11, Mary Ann Hendricks 8½, Elmira(h) Hendricks 7, Elisabeth Hendricks 5, Reuben Houck 12, Sarah Ann Heist 10½, Elizabeth Heist 8½, Henry Knype 11, Margaret Knype 9, Jacob Knype 7½, Tacy Knype 6, Maria Spear 15, Amanda Spear 5½, Aline Schultz 14, Elmirah Schultz 12½, Josiah Schultz 7, Sarah Jane Thomas 14, Emma Hallman 6, Annlouisa Prince 5½

1856-1857 Henry H Cassel

1857-1858 Henry Cassel

1858-1859 John R Stong

1859-1860 Joel H Krause

On May 30, the “Herrites” or Reformed Mennonites were permitted to hold religious meetings in Cassel School.

1860-1861 Samuel U Brunner

1861-1862 Samuel U Brunner

1862-1863 Jesse Wentz

The school term was fixed for 6 months. Previously a 5 month term was taught.

1863-1864 Isaac W Longacre

1864-1865 Henry S Cassel

Teachers salaries were fixed at $25 per month.

1865-1866 Henry S Cassel

1866-1867 Henry S Cassel

1867-1868 Henry S Cassel

Teachers salaries were raised to $33 per month and the school term was increased to 7 months.

1868-1869 M L Kohler

1869-1870 John Kriebel

1870-1871 John Freman

1871-1872 Ettie M Bean

1872-1873 C D Alderfer

Numbering of the seven Worcester schools begins. Cassel’s is assigned #7.

1873-1874 Jenni Beyer

1874-1875 Addison Jones

1875-1876 Benjamin F Burkert

1876-1877 Frank Zimmerman

A new school house was contracted to be built at Cassel’s.  The contract was awarded at the school directors’ Jun 3, 1887, meeting to James Beyer for $1164.  This is the first school house built with a basement.


1878-1879 Josiah K Gerhard

1879-1880 Lewis G Wile

1880-1881 Samuel L Jones

1881-1882 A Thomas Smith

1882-1883 John K Kriebel

The teacher’s salary was raised to $38 for 7 months for 22 days per month.

1883-1884 Ida Ebert

About 1883, Cassel’s School, Worcester  – All unidentified

The teacher’s salary was raised to $40 for 7 months for 22 days per month.

1884-1885 Ella Gallagher

A “graded” system was adopted on 1 Jun 1885.  The highest grade taught was 8th grade.

1885-1886 Alice Hendricks

1886-1887 Alice Hendricks

1887-1888 Alice Hendricks

1888-1889 Alice Hendricks

[“The Montgomery Transcript”, A German-language newspaper printed in Skippackville, begins to publish in English. Excerpts from this local paper have been included here when relevant.]

”The teachers of Worcester township met last Monday evening at Center Point to adopt the questions for the final examinations.”   1 Feb 1889 – Montgomery Transcript

“County Superintendent Hoffecker spent two days visiting our schools last week.  We have to believe that he never found them in better conditions.”   8 Feb 1889 – Montgomery Transcript

“During the present term about every progressive public school teacher is striving to establish a library in his school for the pupils.  The means to purchase books, however, is generally lacking, and teachers are using various laudable means to raise money for that purpose, some by collecting of the patrons and others by giving entertainments.  In every instance thus far the schools have succeeded in getting a good beginning by purchasing a number of useful books, to which additions will be made from time to time as funds accumulate.  Horace K Anson, teacher of Stump Hall School, Worcester Township, held a very successful entertainment January 19, Samuel K Brecht, teacher of Metz’s school, in the same township secured by Horne to deliver a lecture.   1 Mar 1889-Montgomery Transcript

“The directors of the Worcester schools propose to hold the examination of the seniors private.  No one but those immediately interested will be admitted.  This is not done from a selfish standpoint, but formerly so very many attended, but the noise confused both the examiner and the examined, and even crowed the latter.  15 Mar 1889-Montgomery Transcript

“Superintendent Hoffecker finished the examination of the senior class of the Worcester public schools last Monday.  The following are the names of the graduates, all of whom passed a very creditable examination.  Theodore Morgan [Quarry Hall], Bessie Weikel [Quarry Hall], Bessie Grater, Charles K Meschter, Horace A Heebner [Stump Hall], John K Heebner [Stump Hall], Rose Wanner [Quarry Hall], Alice K Anson [Stump Hall], Elwood W Anders [Stump Hall], Katie Schultz, Ida C Slough [Anders], Mary Ella Beyer [Cassel’s], Winfield Place [Roberts], Araminta Anders [Anders], Ambrose Kriebel [Metz’s], Amanda Detwiler [Quarry Hall].  This is the largest class Worcester ever graduated.  The Commencement exercise will be held Saturday Afternoon, May 16, in Lowne’s Hall, Center Point.  The program will be published in due time.”   5 Apr 1889-Montgomery Transcript

“A week to-morrow (Saturday, May 18,) the public school of Worcester township will hold their fourth Annual Commencement in the Schwenkfelder church, commencing at 2 o’clock in the afternoon, when sixteen pupils representing six schools will graduated and receive their diplomas.

“As predicted the Commencement of the public schools of Worcester township Saturday afternoon, was a great occasion for the township, and a larger audience never occupied the basement of the Schwenkfelder church than that which crowed itself into the building.  The hours was set at 2 o’clock, but all who came at that hours were obliged to remain outside, and there were many of these.  It would have required a room again is large as the basement of the church to comfortably seat all who were inside and outside.  People were present from Lansdale, West Point, Norristown, Upper Merion Township, Ironbridge, Zieglersville, Skippack and other places, all whom agreed that Worcester is in the front rank in educational matters.  All of which is due to the progressive Board of Directors in that township.  24 May 1889-Montgomery Transcript

1889-1890 Clare B Custer (’86)

”Measles are still in our midst, Metz’s school has been reduced from sixty pupils to eighteen.  When it was decided to close until next week.  Anders school may also be closed.”   28 Feb 1890-Montgomery Transcript

“Measles are still prevailing and spreading over the township.  The attendance of all the schools is more or less affected.  Cassel’s school has been closed for over a week.  H K Anson opened his school Stump Hall again last Monday.”  21 Feb 1890-Montgomery Transcript

”The following are the names of seven graduates of the schools of this township who have passed an examination by Superintendent Hoffecker, last week: Samuel H Schultz and James W Cassell, Metz’s School; Mary Yerger, Nora Meschter and John G Stong, Anders’ School; Allen S Beyer, Cassel’s School; Daisy Gotwals, Bethel School.”   11 Apr 1890-Montgomery Transcript

“The school board met Saturday and increased the school term from 7 to 8 months.  The salary remains at $40.  Next Monday the teachers examination will be held at Center Point.”   13 Jun 1890 – Montgomery Transcript

”Superintendent R F Hoffecker, Monday examined seven applicants for schools in Worcester township.  All succeeded but one.  The School board elected the following teachers after the examination.  Clara B Custer, Fairview Village School; Bessie Grater, Roberts School; Wm. M Geyer, Metz’s school; H K Anson, Stump Hall School; A L Anson, Bethel School; Alice Hendricks, Anders school; the teacher for Cassel’s school has not yet been appointed.”   20 Jun 1890 – Montgomery Transcript

1890-1891 Effie J Kemp

“The teachers will hold an examination for the senior pupils of the public schools Saturday, at Stump Hall School House, beginning at 8 o’clock in the morning.  The object is to ascertain the general standing of the pupils.  It is thought the passing average will be raised.  This would be a good step forward.”   2 Jan 1891 – Montgomery Transcript

“The School Directors Tuesday finished their annual visiting tour of the schools.  Water Street and Stump Hall schools being the last on the list.  The Board was entertained at the residence of David Roberts, where an excellent dinner was given by the veteran President of the Board, now about to retire.”  27 Feb 1891 – Montgomery Transcript

“After 27 years of continuous service as a member and President of the Worcester School Board, David Roberts will this year retire from the Board.  His successor, Joseph H Hunsberger, was elected Tuesday. Jeremiah K Anders was elected to the late Abraham K Anders who was a member of the Board for 21 years.”   20 Feb 1891 – Montgomery Transcript

“The examination of the senior class of the schools of this township by Superintendent Hoffecker was held Saturday in the Fairview Village school house.  The entire class, fourteen in number passed.  Eleven are girls.  The names of the graduate and the schools which they attended are as follows:  Allen Seipt, Warren Anders, Flora A Heebner, Stump Hall; Irene Seipt, Katie Brecht and John R Keyser, Metz’s; Anna Morgan, Emma Detwiler, Mary Morgan, Mattie Markley and Andrew Trucksess, Fairview; M. Anna Dotts and Jennie Wilkinson, Bethel; Tillie Walker, Anders School.  The commencement will be held in the Schwenkfelder church, Saturday June 6.”   8 May 1891 – Montgomery Transcript

1891-1892 Ella Moser (Rushong)

“The schools of this township opened Monday.  The number of pupils in attendance was as follows: Stump Hall 29, Water Street 34, Fairview Village 38, Metz’s 40, Anders 42, Cassel’s 35, and Bethel 26.”  4 Sep 1891 – Montgomery Transcript

“Last Thursday and Friday Superintendent Hoffecker examined the senior class of Worcester Township.  The following composed the class and passed the examination: Mamie E Schultz, Bertha I Moyer, Sallie Seasholtz, Katie Place, Etta Custer, Howard Beyer, Charles Kriebel, Wilson Freeman, and John Bossert, the commencement will be held on the afternoon of May 28th in the Schwenkfelder Church.”   6 May 1892 – Montgomery Transcript

“The commencement of the public schools of Worcester in the Schwenkfelders church last Saturday was a grand success.  The singing by Heebner quartette was especially fine.  Dr. George K Meschter addressed the graduates, his chief theme being every man to his own work.  Jesse S Kriebel, in presenting the diplomas, made some very appropriate remarks and encouraged the parents to take a personal interest in schools and encourage the children by visiting the schools.  Superintendent Hoffacker made a strong address.  He upheld the necessity of education.  In the course of his remarks, during which the Superintendent grew warm, he said: I speak somewhat excitedly to-day, because I heard that one of the townships intend to lower the school tax by lowering teachers salaries and shorting school term.  He urged Worcester to hold the standard high.”   3 Jun 1982 – Montgomery Transcript

“The School Board has increased the salaries of the teachers from 40 to 45 dollars per month, and made the following appointments: Anders, Miss Hendricks; Cassel’s, Miss Ella Moser; Metz’s, Isaiah M Stover; Stump Hall, H K Anson; Robert’s, A L Anson; Fairview Village and Bethel are still vacant.”   24 Jun 1892 – Montgomery Transcript

1892-1893 Ella Moser (Rushong)

About 1892, Cassel’s School, Worcester
Row 1: 1 Addison Kriebel, 2 Webster Anders, 3 Irwin Hunsberger, 4 Isaac Beyer, 5 Walter Anders
Row 2: 1 unidentified, 2 unidentified, 3 unidentified, 4 unidentified, 5 unidentified, 6 unidentified
Row 3: 1 unidentified, 2 Edna Anders, 3 Abe Beideman, 4 unidentified, 5 unidentified, 6 unidentified, 7 unidentified, 8 Teacher Ella Rushong

1893-1894 Ella Moser (Rushong)

1894-1895 Warren Z Anders

1895-1896 Annie C Clauder

1896-1897 Ella Z Anders

1897-1898 Flora K Heebner (’91)

1898-1899 Harvey K Heebner     (J. Heebner states “in place of Ella Z Anders”)

1899-1900 Horace Seipt

1900-1901 Horace Seipt

1901-1902 Mary Anders

1902-1903 Ella Z Anders

1903-1904 Emma J Connally

1904-1905 Selina Gerhard

1905-1906 Mary A Nyce

1906-1907 Carrie Faust

1907-1908 Carrie Faust

The tax rate was fixed at 4 mills in preparation of opening a High School, which was decided on June 15, 1908 in Farmers Hall, Center Point.  Professor Harvey G Allebach was appointed as Principal.  The assistant teachers were eliminated for one room schools.

1908-1909 Carrie Faust

No further record of Jacob Walter Troxell in Worcester Schools

1909-1910 May Reichenbach

1910-1911 May Reichenbach

1911-1912 May Reichenbach

May married George K Bobb in 1912 and resigned

1912-1913 Joseph Wiltsee

1912, Cassel’s School Football TeamAll unidentified except Teacher Joseph Wiltsee

1913-1914 Joseph Wiltsee

Nov 5 – Cassel’s School WorcesterAll unidentified except Row 1: 1 Teacher Joseph Wiltsee
(Notes: Eva Drissel may be pictured) Donated by Richard Drissel

1914-1915 Minnie Bobb


 Pupils were transferred to Center Point Consolidated School in 1915.

In 1916 the building and half an acre of ground were sold. The bid was started at $100, moved to $275, and then withdrawn.  Later it was announced that $400 would be accepted and Isaac Beyer became the purchaser at that figure.  School bells were sold for 70¢, $1.25 and $ 1.50.  A stove was sold for $1.40, curtains for 50¢, two black boards for 10¢ and other articles for 15¢.  The total sale of property for all seven one-room schools amounted to $2,765.60.


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