Last Saturday an insane man came to the Center Point hotel and could not be induced to leave.  Sunday the proprietor, Mr Lownes took him to the Almshouse.  The man had escaped from the Hospital for the Insane, Norristown.

—The Montgomery Transcript   2 Jan 1891


The first traffic signals in Worcester were installed in 1953 and located in Fairview; an accident requiring hospital treatment and a cast occurred a few hours after the signals were in operation.


Most deguerotypes are backwards.


A cannonball, found on the farm of Andrew Trucksess, near Fairview Village has been presented to the Worcester Township Historical Society.

—The Montgomery Transcript   16 Oct 1913


Samuel K Bean, of near Fairview Village, has been arrested on a charge of malicious mischief preferred by his brother John K Bean, a hearing took place before W A Evans, Justice of the Peace, Norristown.  The defendant was held in $300 bail for court.  John dug a ditch along a road separating their properties and Samuel filled it up with stone, hence the persecution.  More suits, it is threatened, are to follow.

—The Montgomery Transcript   18 Apr 1890


News of Yesteryear – 100 years ago – The scholars of the Bethel School, Worcester Township, presented their teacher, A L Anson, with a velvet brocaded photograph album as a New Year’s present.

–Norristown Times Herald   13 Jan 1987


Tuesday, Dr J R Care, of Norristown had an X-Ray picture taken of Ellsworth Geyer, in order to determine the exact nature of the injuries Mr Geyer sustained in his recent fall from a cherry tree from the effects of which he has been lying helpless ever since of the home of his parents, Mr and Mrs Elwood M Geyer.  Electric current for the X-ray was supplied by the Montgomery Transit Co, whose trolley line passes the Geyer residents.  Mr Geyer’s condition continues critical.  [22 Jul 1920 a correction was made that Dr. H B Shearer was the attending physician and Dr. E G Kriebel assisted]

–The Montgomery Transcript   15 Jul 1920


Mrs H B Shearer was one of 400 winners in a recent jingle contest sponsored by a large soap manufacturing company.  The prize was a new automatic washing machine installed in her home.  Mrs. Shearer also received a year’s supply of soap powder, free of charge.  The company conducting the contest will select the best jingle from among the 400 and award a large sum of money to the originator of said jingle.

Dr H B Shearer won a first prize in the 14th National Stamp Exhibition, held in the concourse of the 30th Street station of the Pennsylvania Railroad in Philadelphia, by the Associated Stamp Clubs of Southeastern Pennsylvania and Delaware.  Dr Shearer exhibited and won with his collection of Physicians and Medicine in stamps.

 –The Montgomery Transcript   24 Jan 1952


The first house numbers appeared Worcester in 1964 – a request of the Norristown Post Office to be an extension of rural numbering system from the Trooper area.


One of M B Benner’s ducks recently laid two black eggs.  His neighbor solemnly declares that the eggs were not painted.

The Montgomery Transcript   11 Mar 1898


The long line of cedar trees along the Skippack road, and from which Cedars Hill and later Cedars post office took its appropriate name, has almost disappeared.  It is hoped other trees will be planted in their place.

The Montgomery Transcript   17 Apr 1896


Arthur Hugo Fischer, aged 48 years, the well and favorably known proprietor of Fischer’s swimming pool and park, along the Towamencin creek, a mile and half north of Cedars, was carried down stream and drowned while attempting to save some of his property.  His body was found early the next morning about a mile below his park by Irvin Kulp.

Mr. Fischer, who was an excellent swimmer went into a deep water to save a number of tables and chairs and it is believed that he became exhausted due to the heavy boots he wore and was carried away.  Mr. Fischer, a native of Germany, and a fine mechanic, purchased the property about 8 years ago and developed an inviting and successful summer resort.  He is survived by his wife. 

Mr. Fischer’s funeral will be held from his late residence on Saturday afternoon at 2 o’clock.  Interment at the Towamencin Mennonite cemetery.

His body may be viewed at this late residence on Friday evening between 7 and 9 o’clock

The Montgomery Transcript   16 Jul 1931