Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission Survey

Springhouse near the Zacharias Trail

Weber/Brunt houes, Weber Road

Worcester Historical Society has received support from Heritage Conservancy to conduct a comprehensive survey of the historic resources in our township. This survey is being conducted by trained volunteers with the assistance of the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission (PHMC). PHMC is the agency that reviews historic resources for nomination to the National Register of Historic Places. Although most of Worcester’s historic buildings will not qualify for listing on the National Register, many will still be of state-wide or local historical significance.

The purpose of the survey is to document the township’s historic structures, such as homes, barns, spring houses, and other outbuildings, and other historic resources, such as cemeteries and bridges. The survey is intended to include any structure built before 1930. Worcester has over 350 properties containing at least one historic structure.

The survey will include information about the structure’s architecture, building materials, and style. The date of construction, including any additions or remodeling, is noted if known. If not known, sometimes it is possible to approximate a date using clues from the architectural details or style. Our survey will be conducted from the public street and will consider only the exterior features of a building. If a structure is not visible from the street, it will not be included in the survey unless the owner chooses to grant permission to the volunteer survey team. Property owners will be
given the chance to review the surveyor’s documentation prior to the completion of the project and are encouraged to offer the project any historic information they might have concerning the historic resources on their property

Owners of historic properties who would like to be involved in completing the survey form for their property should contact Mary Lou McFarland at Heritage Conservancy (215-345-7020 x109).

When the survey is completed the files will be available in the Worcester Historical Society’s library, online at PHMC’s website, and here on this page.