Worcester Elementary School Tours of the Worcester Historical Society’s Farmers’ Union Hall

Each year, Worcester Elementary School’s second-grade students tour WHS’s museum at Farmers’ Union Hall. Parents are welcome to join the guided tour, which features a glimpse into farm life in our community from the 18th to the 20th centuries.

The tour is designed to give students an understanding of children’s life 100+ years ago in Worcester, as well as an appreciation for the hard work involved in farm life. They will have the opportunity to try some of the hand-operated farm machines and learn how flax plants were processed to make linen clothing. The collection also contains a cast of a prehistoric Clepsysaurus fossil that was found in Worcester, as well as a full-size horse and buggy.

Many of the items in the museum were made or used in homes and farms in Worcester Township. Join your child for a 1-hour peek into a world that is a vital part of our heritage.

At the end of the school year, volunteers from the Society visit the fourth grade at Worcester Elementary School to present “Worcester Day.” Students can spin homemade wooden tops and learn colonial-era games; practice writing with a quill pen and a slate pencil; solve math problems from a 19th century schoolbook; and eat butter that they make themselves as they learn about life on a 19th century farm in Worcester.