The Lester Landes Legacy

One of the most amazing sources of information in the possession of the Worcester Historical Society is a notebook compiled by lifelong Worcester resident Lester Landes who extracted local information from the “Montgomery Transcript”.   This two-fold newspaper was published weekly from Skippack, PA, beginning in English in 1888 and continuing until 1952.  It was published “In the heart of Historical Montgomery County” and contained sections covering Skippack, Creamery, Rahns, Evansburg, Worcester, Cedars and “nearby places” including Souderton, Fairview Village, Graterford, Eagleville, Penn Square, Kulpsville, Salford, Harleysville, Mainland, Lansdale, Oaks, West Point, Providence Square, North Wales, Zieglersville, Jeffersonville, Norritonville, Collegeville, Center Square, Hatfield, Trappe and Royersford.  Lester’s focus was Worcester, Cedars, Fairview Village and references to these locations.

The following notation appears at the beginning of Lester’s notebook:


                22 Jun 1980                


                Information for this book has been taken from “Montgomery Transcript” found in the Schwenkfelder Library at Pennsburg.  It may

                contain inaccuracies or errors.  “Great Effort” has been made to provide the readers with information as close as possible to the

                way it was written.  It took four years to collect, organize and type this material.


                Complied by Lester M Landes

                3011 Skippack Pike Worcester, PA 19490


Less effort has been made by WHS to repeat spelling and punctuation errors, and may have been changed if it did not change the content of the information.

If you have found the excerpts from the “Montgomery Transcript” to be interesting, helpful, etc., please join us in our efforts to have the publication digitally scanned in its entirety.  If you know of a company that scans large items we would be interested in contacting them.  Funding is ALWAYS an issue for our organization so any contributions directed toward this project would move the project forward.