Cemeteries Disclaimer

The individual cemeteries of Worcester Township have been transcribed many times in our 275 year history.  It is our goal to offer a complete listing of all Worcester’s cemeteries in one location and in updated form.  Since the earliest tombstones date to the mid-1700’s, years of exposure has taken its toll on many.  In some cases the stones themselves have disappeared or been damaged, but in most cases it is the details or portions thereof that have eroded away.  For these reasons as many sources as possible were used to provide a complete and correct inventory.

Research information may be included in the “Notes” portion of the transcriptions that does not appear on the tombstones themselves.  Please check all possible spelling options as we have encountered many variations even within a single family. Digital photos of the stones may be requested and will be considered.

We are asking for your assistance to insure that the information presented is as accurate as possible.  Questions, concerns and documented corrections will all be appreciated.  Contact us at librarian@worcesterhistorical.org

Sleeping beauty – undated/unidentified

“Each name recorded here is a memorial, and perhaps the only memorial, of a human heart that kept its pulsations through some period of time, and then ceased to beat and has mouldered into dust.”
“Each date had a great significance to some circle of human hearts.”
“Memories are not only of death, but also of life. They died, but they had lived.”
“All these names are memorials of human spirits that must pass from Time to Eternity, ready or unprepared, in youth or maturity; they go into Eternity, even as we are going.”
“All must pass away and be no more.”

– From “The Clan of Tompkyns” by Robert Angus Tompkins, 1957