Center Point Band


In 1848 a group of young men met one day in Hendricks’ Store Center Point and decided to organize a brass band.  Instruments were procured from a Philadelphia manufacturer and a teacher came from the city to instruct the boys.  David Anders was very musically inclined and began teaching others and eventually was chosen as leader of the band and the teacher was “discharged”.  David H Anders was the first Schwenkfelder to encourage and foster the study of band instruments. 

The parents of many of the “Band boys” were very much opposed to these“noise-making instruments,” and objected to having their boys belonging to such a worldly organization.  The climax was reached one Saturday night when the leader announced to his band that they had now progressed sufficiently to warrant their being instructed in marching.  They accordingly proceeded to march up and down the Skippack road to the great amazement of the residents.  The following day, being Sunday, Rev. Reuben Kriebel, pastor of the Worcester Schwenkfelder Church, in the presence of the leader and various members of the band discoursed upon the sinfulness and worldliness of such an exhibition as was given by the band the night before.  This denunciation however, had the opposite effect, as it was thought by many to have been ill advised and too severe; the result was that a much milder attitude towards the organization was taken by a number of the parents of the members, as they realized that their sons were receiving instruction in an art that was not harmful to their welfare.  It is stated the Reverend  Kriebel also became reconciled to the harmlessness of the institution later and implied that he too would not object to joining the organization, did his ministerial duties not prevent.
— The Genealogical Record of Schwenkfelder Families


Notations in the Montgomery Transcript [first published in English in 1888]:

22 Feb 1889   The Center Point Band is progressing finely. Their instruments were shipped from Philadelphia Friday, and they received their first lesson from Frank Springer, of Kulpsville, on the evening of that day.  Many of the neighboring young men and boys expected to witness the first lesson, but were politely requested to remain outside.

21 Jun 1889   The Center Point Cornet Band has just received neat new caps.

2 Aug 1889   Center Point band will furnish music at the Ice Cream and Banana festival at Croll’s hotel at Skippack tomorrow evening.

9 Aug 1889   An Ice cream and fruit festival for the benefit of the Center Point Cornet band will be held at Lowne’s Hotel, Center Point, Saturday evening, August 17th.

29 Nov 1889   The Center Point Cornet Band will hold a Ladies Grand Bazaar, in Lowne’s Hall, Center Point.  Commencing Saturday Evening, December 7, 1889 The Bazaar will continue four weeks and will be open Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evening of each week.  Useful and ornamental articles will be desposed of.  Donation of good of any kind will be thankfully received.  Good music by neighboring bands  Admission: season tickets 25 cents. Single tickets 10 cents.

13 Dec 1889   The bazaar of the Center Point Band opened Saturday evening in Lowne’s hall. 

21 Feb 19890   Center Point Cornet band furnished choice music at Kulpsville bazaar last Saturday evening.  Saturday evening.  Saturday evening they will play at Eagleville. The boys play well, and dressed in their new uniforms look fine.

2 May 1890   Center Point Cornet band will hold a festival in Kriebel’s hall, West Point, Saturday, May 3rd.

9 May 1890   An Ice Cream festival will be held in Lowne’s hall, Center Point, tomorrow evening for the benefit of the Cornet band.

27 June 1890   Next Saturday the third festival at Center Point will be held.  Best of refreshments will be served.  The Center Point Cornet band will furnish the music.

1 August 1890   The Center Point band has been engaged to furnish music at the picnic of Wentz’s Sunday School, Saturday.  In the afternoon the band will furnish the music and several addresses will be delivered.

20 Feb 1891   The Center Point cornet band has purchased the wagon, harness and all the band equipment of the Lansdale band.

24 July 1891   The Center Point Band is becoming popular and has a number of engagements on hand.  Last Saturday they played at Oak View Park, Norristown, tomorrow they will furnish music for the Skippack picnic and August 8th they go to Sanatoga.

1 Jan 1892   Center Point Cornet band will hold an Apron and Necktie bazaar in Lowne’s hall, Saturday evening January 9th.

12 Aug 1892   The Center Point band will hold a Huckleberry festival in the Center Point hall.  The Schwenksville Corps will furnish music.

16 Sep 1892   The band has procured lights for their caps to use while marching.

28 Nov 1892   W K Anson, secretary of Center Point Band, by orders of the band sent the following note to thank the editor of the Transcript:
Worcester, PA
November 23, 1892
Sir: The member of the Center Point Cornet band do hereby extend their hearty thanks to B Witman Dambly, Representative elect, for the warm reception given and courteous manner in which we were treated upon our visit to his home last evening.
By order of the Band
W K Anson, Secretary

2 Dec 1892   Ellwood K. Bean, the leader of the Center Point band, has gone to North Wales to learn watchmaking with D H Krause, the jeweler.  He will also play with the band in that town.

10 Feb 1893   The evening of February 25th the Center Point band will hold an apron bazaar in Schultz hall good music will be furnished and refreshments served

23 Jun 1893   Remember the festival at Center Point, Saturday evening, Fair weather will bring a crowd, and that will please the deserving band “boys”

21 Sep 1894   A lawn party will be held at Center Point hotel tomorrow (Saturday) evening.  The Center Point band will furnish music and M R Wanner of Pottstown will be present with his phonograph.  All are invited to attend.

26 Mar 1897   The Center Point Band will give a “Komik Koncert” in the Fairview village hall tomorrow (Saturday) evening.

23 Jul 1897   A lawn party will be held at Center Point hotel Saturday evening July 24 Music by the Center point band.  All are welcome.

26 Nov 1897   The Center Point band went to Ambler Thanksgiving day with 24 men in the band and played for the fire company there in yesterday’s parade.

14 Jan 1898   The Center Point band will furnish music at the closing of the Fireman’s fair Lansdale Saturday evening.  This is the second engagement at the fair billed by the band and shows that the first must have been satisfactory.  The band has issued neat business cards containing the names of the twenty three members and instruments they play.  The roll of members is as follows:  O K Bean conductor, Harry Frederick, Harry Stong, Abram R Kriebel, Walter U Cassell, Harry Freeman, Elwood B Krause, Alvin S Frey, Phillip B Williams, Wilson R Freeman, Howard B Krause, William Wisler, A L Anson, Warren Lukens, Irwin Bowman, Joseph Beideman, Charles VanFossen, John G Stong, Oliver Stoudt, W K Anson, Isaac P Grater, Elmer Espenship, Alvin Lukens, W K Anson Worcester, PO is the manager to whom all communications should be addressed.

21 Jan 1898   The Center Point band did not play at Lansdale last /Saturday owing to the inclement weather.  The fireman’s fair was continued throughout this week and will close tomorrow Saturday evening when the band will enliven the occasion in a musical way.

23 Sep 1898   The Center Point Band will give a free concert on Brand’s lawn, Center Point, Saturday evening, all are welcome.

6 Jan 1899   The bazaar of Center point band opens tomorrow (Saturday) evening in Brand’s hall, and a good opening night is expected.  Everybody is invited to come and give the bazaar a good start.  Saturday evening, Jan 14, the Ambler Cornet band will furnish music.

10 Feb 1899   Crowds attended the bazaar of the Center Point band, particularly Saturday evening.  It will continue for some time.

10 May 1901   A festival and package party will be held in Bean’s hotel Saturday evening, May 18, under the auspices of the Center Point band.

8 Aug 1902   A Junior Cornet Band with a membership of eight young men, they meet once a week.

15 Aug 1902   The Center Point band, while practicing in our hall Thursday evening  Rendering good music.  We are told that we ware to have some music every other Thursday evening.

5 Se[p 1902   The members of the junior cornet Band of Center Point, mention of which was made in these columns some weeks ago, are as follows: Walter Bean, Cornet; Melvin Pennington, Clarinet; Marvin Brunner, 1st Trombone; Joseph Lare, 2nd Trombone; G L Shellenberger, Alto; Harper Beyer, Piccolo; Charles Brey, Bass; John Anders, Snare drum.  The purpose of this band is to strengthen the Center Point Coronet Band.

8 Jan 1904   A bazaar for the benefit of the Center Point Cornet band will be held in Bean’s hall Saturday, evening 16, to continue every Thursday and Saturday evening for four weeks.

24 Mar 1905   Frank Palumbo, of Ambler, director of the Center Point band, has been obliged to resign, as he is engaged for the coming season with a New York Amusement Company.