Worcester Schwenkfelder Cemetery Transcription

Trooper Road and Township Line Road
Worcester Township, Montgomery County, PA


Cemetery in good condition, active, accessible

Church building no longer stands.  Under the perpetual care of the Schwenkfelder Church.

The Schwenkfelders of the Worcester-Towamencin region attending the Towamencin Meeting House on Valley Forge Road in Towamencin Township elected to divide their church congregation in 1835 and create a second church.  This church was built in Worcester Township at the corner of Trooper [formerly Church] Road and Township Line Road.  The growth of the separate congregations caused a re-evaluation of the Schwenkfelder Church community.  A new “central” church was proposed on a site about midway between the two meetinghouses, to reunite the groups. After the building of the new church in 1951, the Worcester and Towamencin Meeting Houses were razed.  This left behind a cemetery of over 570 graves in Worcester. The earliest burials appear to be in 1838, the last in 2010.

Every attempt has been made to correctly identify the information on each stone. The original transcription contains errors that may or may not appear here. s/w=stone with

If the stone itself was unable to correct these mistakes (based on condition), other church sources have been supplemented and noted as such. In cases where there is conflicting data, all options are noted.  SB# correspond to those found in the Genealogical Record of the Schwenkfelder Families by Dr Samuel K Brecht.

Rows have been assigned letters “A” through “P” as they face Trooper Road.   Rows “E,” “G,”  “I” are half rows on the left; “F” and “H” are half rows on the right.  Position number indicates only the number of the stone in that row.

Information varies from the Schwenkfelder Library transcription in several ways:  1) This inventory is not divided into 3 sections, 2) Stones are not assigned position based on the number of feet between burials, 3) If name appears on the back of a marker, a notation appears and is included with the row the marker is in, not the burial.

***Notice: These names were on a list supplied to the Worcester Historical Society.  Although they may be buried here they do not appear on headstones in the cemetery.

Tombstone Inscriptions:
  2008 – Mennonite Heritage Center Database
  2009 – Leslie Lowell- Griffin & Susan Caughlan
  2014 – Jerry Heebner & Leslie Lowell-Griffin