Anna Wagner Family Cemetery Transcriptions

Heebner Road (private property)
Worcester Township, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, USA

Cemetery is in fair condition (poison ivy), inactive, inaccessible (fenced)

Under the perpetual care of the Schwenkfelder Church

Eight to ten persons are buried in this private burying ground on this large farmstead. Only two granite markers are still standing.  The other original stones were of brown shale and have disappeared with time. A young man named Heydrick, who was a teamster in the Revolutionary War and died of typhoid fever, is said to have been buried here.  One of the three memorials to the Schwenkfelder Immigrants stands within the burial ground, a tribute to Anna and her son Christopher Wagner. Their émigré numbers can be sourced through the Schwenkfelder Library and Heritage Center, 105 Seminary St., Pennsburg, PA or by referencing the Genealogical Record of the Schwenkfelder Families by Dr. Samuel K. Brecht.

[see also reference to Henry H Heebner Farm and cemetery Montgomery Transcript 10 Feb 1905]

Tombstone Transcriptions:
Undated/unidentified transcription
2008 – Leslie Lowell-Griffin