Reformed Mennonite “Herrelite” Meetinghouse Transcriptions

Berks Road between Potshop and Bean Roads
Worcester Township, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, USA

The church is now a private residence, use courtesy when visiting, cemetery is in good condition, active, accessible

Affiliated with the Reformed Mennonite Church, Lancaster, PA

Early in the 19th century John Herr of Lancaster County left the Mennonites, declaring that they were too lax in their faith.  He came to Montgomery County on preaching tours as early as 1820.  The people following his teaching called their congregation “Reformed Mennonites” or “Herrelites”.  In 1890, a site to build a house of worship was given to the little congregation by Jacob Wisler on Berks Road.  Reverend Mahlon V(an) Heist built the church in 1890, preached the first sermon in the new meetinghouse, and a few weeks later died of a stroke. From that point on they had no resident minister.  A minister of the sect came from Lancaster County to conduct services every third Sunday of each month. Today the Reformed Mennonite Church is one of the smallest denominations in the state and is centered in Lancaster, PA.  As of 2017 this meetinghouse is a private residence and the owner has taken on the responsibility of keeping the cemetery in excellent condition.  Based on observable records, the earliest death date is 1883 and belongs to Ursilla Sypherd, age 1.  Since the church was not built until 1890, it is likely that she was re-interred here to join her sister Ida, also age 1, buried in 1890.  Rev. Mahlon V. Heist was likely the first burial.  The last burial (Herbert Koffel Harris) took place in 2005.  There are eight rows beginning near, but facing away from, Berks Road.  Position number indicates only the number of the stone in that row.

Tombstone transcriptions:
Undated/unidentified transcription
2008 – Leslie Lowell-Griffin and Susan Caughlan