Hans Christian Heebner Family Cemetery Transcriptions

Hollis Road (private property)Worcester Township, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, USA

Cemetery is in good condition, inactive, inaccessible

Under the perpetual care of the Schwenkfelder Church

Located on what was once a large farm, this small family cemetery contains nineteen common field stones with no discernible markings. Only one marble headstone exists, for John C (Hans/Johann Christopher) Heebner. A granite monument was placed by the Schwenkfelder Church with four names and their émigré numbers, which can be sourced through the Schwenkfelder Library and Heritage Center, 105 Seminary St., Pennsburg, PA or by referencing the Genealogical Record of the Schwenkfelder Families by Dr. Samuel K. Brecht.

Tombstone transcriptions –
Undated/unidentified transcription
2008 – Leslie Lowell-Griffin