Evangeliches Versemmlangs Haas
Evangelical Congregational “Albright’s” Church Cemetery Transcriptions

1581 Valley Forge Road
Worcester Township, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, USA


Cemetery in good condition, inactive, accessible

Church and cemetery are owned and maintained by the Worcester Historical Society.

Christian Wanner and Sarah, his wife, donated 5 acres of their farm, on the west side of Valley Forge Road, to the Evangelical Congregational Church, and with the donation of stones from the nearby Henry Frick quarry, a church was built on this tract in about 1845. The oldest stone (first burial) dates to 1846 and belongs to Henry Cooker, the 4-year-old son of Elias and Maria Frick Cooker, Henry Frick’s grandson.

Elmer and Haddie Loos Kramer/Kreamer lived a short distance from the Evangelical Congregational Church of Worcester. They were the caretakers of the building and grounds and the very last members attending the services until the church closed its doors. They paid for the upkeep and all expenses, in the last days of the congregation, out of their own pocket. Elmer Kramer was superintendent of the church for 40 years. Following a schism in the church in 1947, the congregation dwindled until the Kramers and the Titus Lare family came many Sundays without a minister. The congregation was disbanded in 1961.  The Kramers maintained these grounds and cemetery until Mr. Kramer’s death in 1954, at which time Tutus Lare took over and cared for the cemetery, grounds, and building for the Worcester Historical Society until his death in 1988.

Every attempt has been made to correctly identify the information on each stone. The original transcription contains errors that may or may not appear here.

If the stone itself was unable to correct these mistakes (based on condition), other sources have been supplemented and noted as such. In cases where there is conflicting data, all options are noted.

The rows have been assigned letters A through J.  Position number indicates only the number of the stone in that row.  Row and position number may not be exact but estimated to aid in locating

Tombstone transcriptions –
Undated/unidentified transcription
2007 by Nick Draher
2008 by Leslie Lowell-Griffin