German Baptist Church of the Brethren “Dunkard” Cemetery Transcriptions

Trooper Road south of Germantown Pike Lower Providence Township, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, USA


Affiliated with the Lower Skippack Brethren Church, in fair condition, inactive, accessible

This cemetery is included with the Worcester cemetery records because the township line runs through the property.  The church itself was on the Worcester Township side and the cemetery on the Lower Providence Township side.  This area was referred to as “Harleys Corner,” and the Harley and Dettra families alone provided enough people for the Skippack Brethren Church to build this “outpost”.  Never meant to stand alone, this church was built to more easily meet the needs of this outlying congregation.  The structure was razed in 1910 and only the cemetery remains.  There are approximately 126 graves, the oldest stones in 2008 date to 1809 when the church was built.   The site has often fallen into disrepair and has therefore been the focus of several Eagle Scout projects to improve its condition.  There are 12 rows of stones. Position number indicates only the number of the stone in that row.  (*) denotes stones lying at the side of the cemetery.

Tombstone Transcriptions:
Undated/unidentified transcription
1980 – Sam Conway
2008 – Eagle Scout